decisions, decisions...

Is it too early to be thinking of the weekend? No, I didn't think so, either. Especially when there are tough decisions to be made....goodness all around for this weekend.

The Upstate Farm Tour: It's a lot like Greenville's Open Studio Tour...It happens once a year, it's a self-guided tour, you won't have time for all of the locations and you are sure to be inspired by the farms you do visit!

The Indie Craft Experience: This is the first ICE show Wingo has missed in years but you don't have to miss it. It's a terrific show with loads of fun art and artists! This is the first TWO day ICE and is sure to be worth a trip to HOTlanta!

The Columbia Museum of Art: There is still a little bit of time to catch the Turner to Cezanne exhibit. I hear it is fabulous AND you don't have to get on a plane to see Monet's Waterlillies...just I-26 and you are there!

Hope your weekend is wonderful....whatever you do!


MAC show

One-Stop Open Studios:
A Retrospective of Greenville Open Studios Artists, 2002-2008
Metropolitan Arts Council Gallery
May8 - June 26, 2009

The artwork is fantastic. The catalogue is fantastic. Even the way they hung the work is fantastic.

*MAC gallery
*Clean Slate, Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers
*Lavender and Wheat, Janette W. Wesley
*Nude, Dabney Mahanes
*Quiet Place, Barbara Stitt
*Red Crayons, Eric Benjamin
*Shenandoah, Carl Blair
*Creative Edge, Alexia Timberlake

(2009 Open Studio Tour will be held November 7th and 8th.)


Memorial Day

Calvin Coolidge Dykes demonstrating salutes for an Army publication.
So lucky to have known this man.


Thank you for the blog love and for including Wingo in your list of favs!!


cloud 9

Well you know...I've been wearing a blue 9 for months but it never occurred to me to combine the 9 with a cloud.
One of our Inman Park friends had the idea and I adore it.

I'm also adoring this 9 sign/column/sculpture in The Biltmore Village.

Hope you get to hang out on that cloud today.



A stack of orders went out today and 3 drawings are just about done.
Love love love checking things off the list.
It's going to be a good week!

One of the hosts on Morning Edition (I think it's M.E.-- it's definitely in the morning)
ends the show by saying, "Make it a good day."

Hearing that statement is a wonderful start to my day.
So...why not start the week that way, too?

Thank you so much for including Wingo in your post today!


twin anglers

The Lake Lanier fishing tournament is tomorrow.
With all of the training that's been going on....they are sure to bring home the trophy!

(can you tell which one is Andy???)


on Oprah today:

Thought you might want to see my issue of the May O magazine.
My friend is so happy about the wingO necklace...
she's blowing bubbles!


Oh my...

it's time for winGO to get GOing on etsy.
The O necklace will be in the shop tomorrow.

creative advertising

Behind this truck on Hwy 123. Wildlife services for raccoons, opossums, beavers, mice, snakes, squirrels, bats, SPOUSES and more!
Unexpected and made me laugh.
Have a terrific Tuesday!!


Asheville afternoon

We had a few appointments in Asheville, NC and luckily happened upon the lovely Smith-McDowell Museum while we were in town. Don't you want to sit a spell in that little side room with all of the windows?!

On the way back home we took a slight detour by Carl Sandburg's home in Flat Rock, NC. I hear that Bob Dylan stood on that very same porch. Where, oh where, could I have heard that???

Both homes were already closed for the day. Looking forward to going INside next time!

Carl Sandburg Home

"It is necessary now and then for a man to go away by himself
and experience loneliness; to sit on a rock in the forest and to ask of himself,
'who am I, and where have I been, and where am I going?'"
-Carl Sandburg


Judy Z. Verhoeven

Another fav of mine will be at Artisphere this weekend. In fact, Judy's "Tightrope Walker" was chosen as the official image of Artisphere 2009! Her work is fabulous from across the room but it gets even better (imagine!) when you see it up close. It's then that you can see the layers and layers of goodness that she includes in each piece! She paints, cuts, recycles, draws, tears and compiles images into the most wonderful collages! You can get a good close look at her work this weekend. Her booth will be near Falls Cottage on South Main.

enJOY the weekend!

Miss Judy's red bird greets me each morning as I make my tea.
Isn't it a happy way to start the day?!


in the barn today

My Dad and I are making a custom bench.
A sturdy, backless bench with armrests.
---metal bender
---our uniforms
---bench frame


good day for gutters

Today I came home in the rain to finished gutters.
Before they could be installed, Mr. J (our super hero contractor) had to cut off some of the metal roof and replace the fascia board and trim.
Then the new wood had to be primed and painted and then....new gutters.
Thank you Mr. Jackson!
And yes, I know that back porch is u-g-l-y. It's on the list...just not anywhere near the top.


Kent Ambler

Lately, most of his work has been with woodcuts but he's equally as gifted as a painter.
And I do mean gifted!
Look for him this weekend at Artisphere.



There were happy kids everywhere watching the ducks swim down the Reedy.
Aren't Kyle's ducksters (distant cousins of the famsters) adorable?!?
And how about that little ceramic duck?!...it went home with me.


the weekend...

already?!? It sneaks up on you when you start your week on Tuesday.

So, could I love my new necklace any more?!...especially the big brass ring on the side!
You can see more from this wonderful artist this weekend at Art and Light Gallery. The much anticipated unveiling of Leslie's new paintings will also be there.

But...the fun doesn't stop there.
Tomorrow Kyle and I are sharing a booth at the Ken-Ducky Derby. A handful of other artists will also be at the derby including Suzanne Vitti and her sweet sister. It'll be a super day even if it rains!

AND if all of that wasn't enough for you...head on over to the POP tour. The Pickens-Oconee-Pendleton studio tour is this weekend. I'm hoping to make it out to my favorite painter/print maker's studio near Keowee. KENT AMBLER...love love love everything he creates!!

Hope YOU have a great weekend!!