Wingo's last show of the year is this Saturday in Columbia, SC. The Crafty Feast has a great list of vendors and will be held in the historic Tapp's building downtown from 11-5.

You can also catch a little Wingo at the fabulous ART & LIGHT in Greenville...in the very cool triangle building on Pendleton Street AND...in the very cool Biltmore Village in Asheville at the WINK BOUTIQUE.

And...as always...please feel free to email any special requests or questions.

It has been a wonderful year of craft shows and I really appreciate all of you for stopping by to say hi...THANK YOU!!


HOLIDAY big crafty...

is this Sunday in Asheville.
Hope to see you there!!


happy happy...

THANKSgiving to you!!


the handmade market

Getting ready for a fantastic show this weekend...
The Handmade Market is this Saturday from 11-5 in downtown Raleigh.
Wingo will be there with 50 other artists. I can hardly wait to see all the goodie goods and explore the Raleigh-Durham area. Love a good art show and a little road trip.

Hope your Monday is marvelous! See you soon-jL


happy flowers

We picked the last of the Zinnias Sunday afternoon...right before the freeze.
I have a really hard time putting glass jars in the recycle bin. They are way too useful and come in great shapes and sizes.
My favorite solution for the cabinet full of glass jars...flowers.
You can share flowers with friends and they don't have to worry about returning the container. You don't have to buy a vase AND...you make more room in the cabinet.
Happiness all around.


asheville afternoon

Took some new Wingo to Wink---very cool boutique
in the Biltmore Village.
And then...spent a little time in one of my favorite favs...
The Grovepark Inn lobby/terrace.
Yesterday was such a gorgeous day for Asheville.
Red trees and blue skies.
A perfect little break from these grey rainy days.

*check out this link-
super stylish Becca-adorable dress and a Wingo necklace!

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!


fall is here...

Andy is making his scuppernong wine.
The sweetest grape-i-est grape in the world
and it's native to our area.
One more reason to love it here.

Have a marvelous Monday!


folk fest

If you find yourself in the mood for a little road trip this weekend, might I suggest the Folk Festival? The first weekend in October The John C. Campbell Folk School has their fall festival and it is fab-u-lous!
There is a great assortment of art and craft work for sale. AND...you can explore the campus and see craft demonstrations in the studios or see the cloggers and live music in the big barn.
Wingo usually has a booth at the festival but this year I'm going for a long weekend of fun.
Hope your weekend is full of fun too!




One of the best days...ever.
Who knew it could get even better?!
Nine years today.
Happy happy happy anniversary!

[my new 23 pillow from knack]



Now I love love love an art festival but I have to admit
if I had not been in this one...
I doubt I would have left my couch this weekend.
It rained the entire time and yet...
there were still some troopers that came out.
You guys were my blue skies!
Thank you.

[first time those SHOWER curtains have gotten wet.]


West Greenville Arts Festival!

The West Greenville Arts Festival is this weekend.

It's a fun part of town full of art and studios.
And this weekend...Wingo will be there.
Should be a wonderful weekend to explore the area.
Hope to see you there!


The River

Springsteen is coming to Greenville this week.
Very happy.

Until Andy, I didn't listen to Bruce, Dylan or The Dead.
(Still don't like The Dead.)
I thought "Born in the USA" was all there was to him.
Embarrassing, isn't it?


art-space and light

It's not too late to see the 'threaded' show.
Art and Light will be open Saturday from 10-5.
Here's a little peek of some of Kina's fantastic work at A&L.


A new show opened today at the upstairs [artspace].
Abstract and colorful.
49 South Trade Street, Tryon, NC

Hope your weekend is full of happy!


knack knack

Just look at this cool pic found on one of my fav blogs today.
My lovely Barb not only finds the coolest things...she puts those things together beautifully.
Wingo on knack....love it!
Hop on over to knack to read about these necklaces and a sweet sweet daughter.
(BB-thank you for including wingo in your triple threat!)



Tonight is First Friday and the Flatiron Studio has a fantastic show in store for all of us! Celebrating the rich history of textiles in the south, the theme of the show is "threaded".

I made some new pieces for Art and Light inspired by weaves/textures/plaids. My dear friend Laurie made new/vintage collage story boxes for Knack. Our friend Kina has sweet modern crocheted goodies, Michelle has new jewelry AND new/vintage/cool tees and Kyle has new Famsters and paintings...and the list goes on and on.

There really are too many wonderful things to tell you about. You better just get yourself to the Pendleton Street Arts District tonight from 6-9 and Saturday from 10-3.

For fun photos of the "threaded" collection, check out my favorite blogs:

Blue Moss
Art and Light

Have a great holiday weekend!


fro yo

Sometimes you come across something so wonderful
that it must be shared...immediately.
Did you know that B&J now makes Cherry Garcia in a frozen yogurt?!?
That's right...Cherry Garcia with a fraction of the fat and calories.
and have a great weekend!


yes, we're smart!

A gem of a place located between Tryon and Saluda, NC.
They have a limited menu that never changes but is always good.
They serve RC and the best green beans ever.
They are only open for supper Wednesday through Saturday.
If you go on Friday or Saturday you'll likely wait an hour to be seated.
If you are lucky...you'll find an empty rocking chair on the porch overlooking the river.
If you are smart...you'll go on Wednesday.


7th year: COPPER

Special order for a special couple celebrating their seven year anniversary.
(4 inch square enameled tile)


sunday in the garden

Mr. Bull decided it might be a little greener on our side of the fence.
Can hardly blame him....summer tomatoes sure are tasty.


tulip poplar love

Found these leaves on my morning walk.
Heart shaped leaves....luckier than
a four leaf clover....don't you think?!


Donnie B.

live music...good friends...cool summer night
does it get any better?!

Donnie Blackwell. Imagine that James Taylor and Patty Griffin had a son together...he would write songs and sing like Donnie. Yes...he's that good.

{I met my husband at one of Donnie's shows AND he sang Bob Dylan's, "Wedding Song" at our wedding.}


BIG thursday

Last week was the BIG crafty...this week it's BIG thursday!

Art and Light is celebrating their 2 year anniversary with a
splendid evening of champagne, chocolate and of course...ART!

AND...if that wasn't enough...Judy Verhoeven also has an opening
Thursday from 5-8:00 at 912 South Main Street in Greenville.

Either one of these happenings is enough to get me to
Greenville...at night...but both of them?!
Too big to miss!


crafty trades

My new BEE-u-tee-FULL handmade book by Lisa Norris of Made By One Girl. The gold flower is a block print that she made and she painted the blue bird on the top. The inside covers are old maps and there is a mix of fun paper inside. LOVE IT!

AND...how about that painting from the Tree Ring series by Tracy Melton?! He cuts down the tree and saws it into slices, sands, paints and seals each one. LOVE IT, 2!

Going out of town for a few days.
Hope the rest of your week is lovely!


BIG fun...

at the Big Crafty!
Can you see the table beside mine with the target paintings???
They were great....bold graphic color!
AND...we traded! Aren't I the lucky one?!?
Still need to unload the car (surprise!) but will show you my Big Crafty goodies soon.
Have a terrific Tuesday!



The BIG Crafty is this Sunday.
The Green Wardrobe and Wingo will be there...along with lots and lots of great art/artists! And if that wasn't reason enough to go...the show is in ASHEVILLE! You can come for the day: have brunch, go to TBC, walk around town and end the day at one of my top 5 favorite places of all time- The Grove Park Inn lobby!
It'll be a great day.
Hope to see you there!


the 4th

The boat parade is usually the highlight of the fourth
but this year it was having Miss Shirley at the lake!

Hope your holiday was great
and your Monday is marvelous!

{Jason- the 5th image is for you...proof that she was really there!}


simple summer deliciousness...

Peach Cobbler

3/4 cup flour
pinch salt
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup milk
2 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup butter
2 cups fruit
1 cup sugar

Sift flour, salt and baking powder.
Mix with 1 cup sugar and slowly stir in milk to make batter.
Melt butter in 8x8 baking dish.
Pour batter over butter.
Mix fruit and 1 cup sugar and spoon over batter.
Bake 1 hour at 350 degrees.
Serve hot or cold.

Have a safe happy fun fourth!


a little more farm tour...

The philosophy of Philosophy Farm:
"Beauty is not a luxury, it is a necessity."
SH Nasr

Another farm with a beautiful mix of flowers, vegetables and herbs. You won't find a straight row of corn here. You will find very kind and interesting owners that are happy to share their knowledge and garden with you.

And what about that cattle corral turned on it's side for the garden entrance?! Love it.


family farm tour

The Family Farm Tour stretched out over six counties but the ride through the mountains was part of the fun. Gorgeous. AND...at least ten degrees cooler than it was at home.

One of our first stops was in Barnardsville. Hawk and Ivy's organic garden was a beautiful mix of flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. The owner/gardener/artist/cook/bee-keeper is very active in the slow food movement and offers cooking and gardening classes at the B&B. They also host weddings and other special events on the property and in their terrific old tobacco barn.

So worth the trip and don't you know the breakfast part of this bed and breakfast must be healthy good and delicious?!


today at earlesdale...

The Hyder's are taking out old pitiful shrubs/stumps/roots and working on better drainage around the house. Not the most exciting part of a landscape project but one of the most important.


farmer's market

Can you see how many people there are at the downtown market?! The market has grown so much since my last visit. There were two entire blocks of Main Street full of fresh produce and people. Lovely. I bought my first local tomatoes of the season, silver queen corn, purple garlic AND an orchid. What a wonderful morning!

Also, thought you might be interested in the Family Farm Tour that's happening this weekend in western NC. It looks a lot like the upstate tour that we had a few weeks ago...only bigger.

Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!



The very first tomato in our garden.

Last year we had a row of zinnias and a few dill plants...this year the zinnias and dill reseeded ALL OVER the garden. It's not a neat and tidy garden because I just can't bear to pull up the happy flowers or the dill which also turns into a lovely flower.

Tomorrow morning we're going to the downtown market in Greenville. I'm hoping for some big RED tomatoes! We'll also be stopping by Mast General Store to see Lily Pottery's trunk show. LOVE her jewelry and wall pockets and magnets!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


friends from A&L

Photo from our "Friends at Art and Light" show.
(leslie, laurie, jl and teressa)

T. came to Gowensville/Campobello this week for a little visit.
Love spending time with that girl...her creative energy is contagious!
You can see some wonderful photos from the trip on her blog.
Just wait until you see Laurie's house.
It's really nice in LaLaland!
Looking forward to some fun collaborations with these girls.
Have a terrific Thursday!