My very first treasury!
YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE necklace was included in this bright and cheerful collection.
Thank you so much, Beez!


Years ago I lived in Charlotte next door to one of my favorite people and in the same neighborhood as another fav. We call ourselves L, L and JL. This past weekend one of the L's and I went to Charleston to celebrate the other L's birthday. I made this "family necklace" for her birthday.
(It just so happens that the necklace could stand for Lorree, Laurie and Jimmie Lynn.)
It was a wonderful celebration with friends, family and....red velvet cake! The bday girl made sure I got the first (and biggest) piece of red velvet. Isn't she a dear friend?!
Happy birthday, L!
Love you-JL


rain rain rain....

is going to make things
green green green!!
This little tree will soon be on etsy.


take the sunshine with you...

I love a grey day but sometimes you just need a little sunshine!


Truffula Trees are what everyone needs...

Baby Olive's big brother is getting a little visit from Dr. Seuss. The Lorax....quite possibly the best book of all time.



Thought I'd share some goodies that are going in the mail today to a very special little baby, Olive Marie! Can you believe that I didn't know her name was going to be Olive when I bought these super cute olive green gifts?! The baby booties were made by a friend and local (to me) artist. You can find her here. Wait until you see her adorable sweaters!! The very cool modern diaper changing kit was made by an Asheville artist and can be found here. You should read the description for the diaper kit...funny.


what's the 9?

I like them because they are graphic and....I have a thing for fonts, letters, numbers, stencils and handwriting. Turns out there are other reasons to like a number necklace.
Some explanations that people have given me:
# of kids, # in family, lucky #, special dates or years, wife #3!, and my favorite was from a sweet couple at the ICE show who ordered a #1 because she was his number one girl!
(I wear a big blue 9....married in September)


my head is full of springtime....

and my heart is full of you.
Words from James Taylor's song, "Love Has Brought Me Around."
In the very same song you can also hear:

I detect a frown.
Close your eyes

and turn it upside down.

Makes me smile every single time.
Happy spring to you!


well this just made my day...

wingo is on knack!!
thank you, my sweet little Barb!

tomorrow (it's spring) on etsy...

robin's egg blue on one side and grey on the other


tomorrow on etsy...

gold river pendant

My dear dear etsy... how I've missed you.

For the next 30 days there will be a new necklace in the shop. Every. Single. Day. At the end of the 30 days the necklaces will be at a fun show at Art & Light Gallery. Stop by here to catch a sneak peek of what will be in the shop and the upcoming show.