folk fest

If you find yourself in the mood for a little road trip this weekend, might I suggest the Folk Festival? The first weekend in October The John C. Campbell Folk School has their fall festival and it is fab-u-lous!
There is a great assortment of art and craft work for sale. AND...you can explore the campus and see craft demonstrations in the studios or see the cloggers and live music in the big barn.
Wingo usually has a booth at the festival but this year I'm going for a long weekend of fun.
Hope your weekend is full of fun too!




One of the best days...ever.
Who knew it could get even better?!
Nine years today.
Happy happy happy anniversary!

[my new 23 pillow from knack]



Now I love love love an art festival but I have to admit
if I had not been in this one...
I doubt I would have left my couch this weekend.
It rained the entire time and yet...
there were still some troopers that came out.
You guys were my blue skies!
Thank you.

[first time those SHOWER curtains have gotten wet.]


West Greenville Arts Festival!

The West Greenville Arts Festival is this weekend.

It's a fun part of town full of art and studios.
And this weekend...Wingo will be there.
Should be a wonderful weekend to explore the area.
Hope to see you there!


The River

Springsteen is coming to Greenville this week.
Very happy.

Until Andy, I didn't listen to Bruce, Dylan or The Dead.
(Still don't like The Dead.)
I thought "Born in the USA" was all there was to him.
Embarrassing, isn't it?


art-space and light

It's not too late to see the 'threaded' show.
Art and Light will be open Saturday from 10-5.
Here's a little peek of some of Kina's fantastic work at A&L.


A new show opened today at the upstairs [artspace].
Abstract and colorful.
49 South Trade Street, Tryon, NC

Hope your weekend is full of happy!


knack knack

Just look at this cool pic found on one of my fav blogs today.
My lovely Barb not only finds the coolest things...she puts those things together beautifully.
Wingo on knack....love it!
Hop on over to knack to read about these necklaces and a sweet sweet daughter.
(BB-thank you for including wingo in your triple threat!)



Tonight is First Friday and the Flatiron Studio has a fantastic show in store for all of us! Celebrating the rich history of textiles in the south, the theme of the show is "threaded".

I made some new pieces for Art and Light inspired by weaves/textures/plaids. My dear friend Laurie made new/vintage collage story boxes for Knack. Our friend Kina has sweet modern crocheted goodies, Michelle has new jewelry AND new/vintage/cool tees and Kyle has new Famsters and paintings...and the list goes on and on.

There really are too many wonderful things to tell you about. You better just get yourself to the Pendleton Street Arts District tonight from 6-9 and Saturday from 10-3.

For fun photos of the "threaded" collection, check out my favorite blogs:

Blue Moss
Art and Light

Have a great holiday weekend!