happy flowers

We picked the last of the Zinnias Sunday afternoon...right before the freeze.
I have a really hard time putting glass jars in the recycle bin. They are way too useful and come in great shapes and sizes.
My favorite solution for the cabinet full of glass jars...flowers.
You can share flowers with friends and they don't have to worry about returning the container. You don't have to buy a vase AND...you make more room in the cabinet.
Happiness all around.


asheville afternoon

Took some new Wingo to Wink---very cool boutique
in the Biltmore Village.
And then...spent a little time in one of my favorite favs...
The Grovepark Inn lobby/terrace.
Yesterday was such a gorgeous day for Asheville.
Red trees and blue skies.
A perfect little break from these grey rainy days.

*check out this link-
super stylish Becca-adorable dress and a Wingo necklace!

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!


fall is here...

Andy is making his scuppernong wine.
The sweetest grape-i-est grape in the world
and it's native to our area.
One more reason to love it here.

Have a marvelous Monday!