one more day...

of Atlanta.
We stayed in the quirky old Highland Inn...located a few doors down from the AMAZING Youngblood Gallery. Artists were dropping off their work for the SK8 or DIE show that opens this weekend and we were able to take a peek of some of their skateboards....AND shop in the boutique!
Youngblood and LaFonda...places that you just have to visit when you are in Atlanta.


the parade

What a fun...funny day!


Inman Park Festival

I love love love this festival! The weather was beautiful and the people were just what you expect in the south...super friendly! As much as I complain about the summer heat...there really is no better place in the world than the south.
Looking forward to showing you more of the weekend soon.
Have a terrific Tuesday!!


style 864

Thank you so much for the Wingo mention on Style by Becca!! The 2 looks fantastic on you! And....I'm really liking how you layered it with the rectangle. Thanks again for coming to the show AND for the sweet shout out!!
Wingo and LaLa are off to Atlanta.
Hope you all have a terrific full weekend!!!


the day after

Thank you for including a Wingo necklace in your EARTH day blog entry. I think I may need a few of those reusable bags and I LOVE your Pair of Pears +1! Speaking of reusable containers...hop on over to Oprah's to get coupons for Sigg and To-Go Ware!



This brilliant spray paint hides the monster of a heater that lives on the other side of the windows. I like it because it screens the mess AND lets light shine through.
I spend hours on both sides of those windows and the frosted glass makes me happy....mostly because it lets me get away with less cleaning.
I just close the door and the monster mess disappears!



Making new enamel pendants for the Inman Park Festival this weekend. This festival is one of my favorite favs with a cra-ZEE parade on Saturday.
We will be right in the middle of the beautiful old neighborhood in Atlanta with lots and lots of fantastic art and people!


Friends in art and life...

@ Art and Light.
It was a splendid day.
Big BIG thank you to everyone that came to see us!


Mr. Torch

Soldering is a bit frustrating for me. I don't give my torch enough attention for it to love me like I want it to and sometimes he just won't cooperate. The good news is that Mr. Torch did me right this week and I have new silver pendants for tomorrow's show.
Hope to see you at Art and Light!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Ohhhhh what a perfect day for the mountains. Thank you so much for including a wingo necklace in your "mountain dreams" treasury!



On her blog, Leslie describes herself as a secretary by day and snail mail art bandit by night. That girl is a little bandit! I can imagine her as a child coloring with orange and green crayons all over the page...nowhere close to inside the lines. She's likely to say or do most anything and it's that lively bold spirit that makes her so funny and her work so fantastic!
The little bandit will have lots for you to see at Art and Light on Saturday.


here's 2_____!

Thank you for including wingo in your treasury!



This girl has many gifts, one of which is being able to see the beauty in just about anything. She can spend hours (and I do mean HOURS) looking though a jar of old buttons and get genuinely excited to find three buttons that she likes. She appreciates the things that the rest of us rarely even notice and the way that she assembles these things in her art and life is really something lovely to see!

Come to Art & Light Gallery this Saturday to see for yourself.


atlantic blue...

is in an Etsy treasury!
Thank you so much for including Wingo in your collection!

better than plastic poinsettias

There is a small church at the end of our road. I walk there and back some afternoons. Oftentimes I'll take a bag and pick up the stray fake flowers that have blown into the woods from the cemetery. Once a year...I get to see this at the end of the road. Lovely.


hippity hoppity...

Easter's on it's way!
Vintage bunny and lamb from Laurie's vast collection of little treasures.
We'll have more of her sweet treasures to show you next week as she finishes up projects for our show.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



one step at a time

Do you have house fairies???
You know, when you wake up and magically the dishes are done....and your sweet husband says, "Must have been the fairies."
Well this wonderful old house has lots of fairies. The busiest of the fairies is my adorable little Mom who has just finished the big staircase. We took up the grungy gold carpet and the thousands(!!!) of staples and icky mat that went with it. She then went on to putty and sand every hole and then paint the risers my favorite off white color and the treads a shiny grey. And if you know my Mom, you know that she used a tee-i-nee brush around each spindle and both colors have at least two coats.
I don't think you can tell from the photo but the colors are YUMMY!!!

This house has the best fairies....love them all!


etsy forecast:

Partly cloudy with a chance of afternoon flowers.


first friday surprises...

We had planned on running in and saying hi to the FlatIron girls and then coming straight home because I am an early bird (not to be confused with a night owl in any way). But we wanted to see Teresa's Out of the Darkness paintings and meet Vernon...and then I spied the tree towel. Can you ever have too many hand towels?!?

So we were finally headed toward home when we noticed Suzanne Viti's studio was still open. Oh my! It was such a delight chatting with her and seeing all of the projects that she is working on. What a generous and oh so gifted girl! Love love love her tiles.

I am here to tell you, that area is overflowing with creative smart talented people. You can feel it when you are there...maybe it's contagious?! We can only hope!


mark your calendars...

(April 18th from 10-4)
We hope you can join us for a special show this spring at Art & Light Gallery in the Pendleton Street Art District! The gallery is located in the Flat Iron building....the wedge shaped building on Pendleton...where you can also find Knack and Lily.
Leslie, Laurie and I are working on some new things for the show and are excited for you to see them! I'll be posting a few pictures of the goodies in the next few weeks.
Until then....enjoy your weekend!
Don't forget it's First Friday...the Flat Iron building will be busy busy fun tonight!


lucky 7

I'm feeling extra lucky today.
My lucky 7 necklace is in an etsy treasury.
Thank you so much Tina!

Did you happen to read any of the articles about luck in the February issue of O magazine? In it, Dr. Wiseman talks about how our attitude can influence our luck.
I like that.


right on track

If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track
that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living.
-Joseph Campbell